You can request the termination of the contract by completing the respective form.


1. Fill in and sign:

The form of "Termination of Contract"


2. Submit or send a photocopy of the Citizen's Card or other identity document of the contract holder

Users may request, in writing and at least 10 working days in advance, to suspend the supply of water supply, due to temporary vacancy of the property. The suspension of delivery depends on the payment of the respective tariff and implies the correctness of the invoicing issued up to the date of suspension. For this purpose you must complete the form "Temporary Suspension of Contract"


Please be advised that in order to be able to terminate the contract, it will still be necessary to provide access to the accountant. In the event of inaccessibility to the accountant in the place of consumption, the contract holder will remain responsible for the charges and the contract can not be terminated.


If you do not agree to the photocopy of your citizen card, please contact our services for the presentation.