With a proper separation of household waste, we will contribute to a better urban environment in Troia

Plastic and Metal


  • Water bottles, bottles of cooking oil, butter and margarine, juice bottles, plastic bags, tubes of mustard and ketchup, vinegar bottles, styrofoam, bleach bottles, vases, bottles of shampoo, motor oil, detergent and toiletries, solid and liquid yogurt containers, packages of potato chips and snacks, plastic cups, plastic lids and bags of potato and onion, beverage cans, toothpaste metal tubes, cans, bottle caps, aluminium trays, tins of powdered milk, champagne metal caps, condensed milk and fruit cans, milk cartons, juice boxes, wine, cream and tomato paste.

Do not Deposit

  • Fuel containers, buckets, videotapes, pens, hangers, cds and dvds, Stoppers and plastic utensils, appliances, batteries, cookware, metal tools and cutlery.