​The year 2016 was another year in which Infratróia, Troia Infrastructures, EM, consolidated operational conditions for the provision of better Customer’s service, in the maintenance and management of infrastructures and public spaces or public use in the Tourism Development Area (TDA) of Tróia.


It was also a year marked by three moments that we stand out for their relevance and importance in the future of the company:

i) by signing the Program Contract and the Delegated Management Contract with the Municipality of Grândola, structural and fundamental documents for the activity of the Infratróia;

ii) for the attribution of new competencies to the Infratróia from the Municipality of Grândola, namely in the Licensing of public space occupation, publicity and exercise of activities in the TDA of Troia. That allows a closer approximation of the decision process to the Residents and Customers of Troia; and

iii) the implementation of the Integrated Management System (IMS) in Environment, Quality and Safety, which has had a very active participation of the entire organization and will contribute decisively to the improvement of internal processes, aiming at the continuous improvement of the organization in the provision of services with quality, respect for the environment and the health and safety of its Clients and Employees.


This was also the year in which there was a significant increase in the volume of investment, which reached a total value of 245 thousand euros, in which a new hole of water abstraction and the acquisition of new equipment for urban cleaning and green spaces.

Within the scope of the strategic objective of optimizing resources, namely water, we emphasize the contract with EPAL for a water leak detection system, in implementation in the Urbanization of Soltróia and with a total investment of 20 thousand euros, which will allow us to identify potential water leaks and reduce this indicator to the values ​​recommended by PENSAAR 2020. Also within the scope of this strategic objective, we also started a program to renew green spaces, namely with the requalification of the nodes of the municipal highway 253, with an area Total intervention of about 4 thousand m2. These interventions, in addition to the aforementioned renovation of the spaces, will contribute to the reduction of irrigation and water consumption in public spaces.


We would also like to stand out the economic and financial consolidation of Infratróia, which in 2016 shows a growth of 10% in turnover, achieving 1.2 million euros, as a result of the increase in the volume of water distributed, also of 10%, for 518 thousand m3 and the increase in the number of Customers to 2 029 (+ 3.3%). We also recorded a 46% improvement in operating income, resulting in net income of 67 thousand euros. These results keep the Infrastróia within the indicators of coverage of Total Expenditures recommended for the sector by the Regulatory Entity - ERSAR.


Based on these results, we will continue to motivate the organization to continue providing a quality service, a Customer oriented service, on a daily basis, systematically assessing its needs and respecting and guaranteeing the company's sustainability and efficient management of resources.


We would like to thank our Customers for their trust in Infratróia, EM and, in particular, to all Employees of the company, for their dedication, competence and professionalism. A final thank-you to the other members of the company's corporate bodies, namely the Municipality of Grândola and Troiaresort, SGPS, SA, the General Meeting, the Sole Auditor and the ROC, for all the collaboration and support provided and for the results achieved in the year 2016.


The Board of Directors

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