Infratróia E.M. has comprehensive skills in several areas of action:

  • Water capture and distribution;
  • Drainage and treatment of household waste water;
  • Collection of urban solid and assimilated waste;
  • Management and maintenance of green spaces;
  • Urban cleaning services;
  • Operation of public parking and the enforcement of the provisions of the Road Traffic Code on the roads of the Troia tourism development area;
  • Provision of other public services related to the activities listed above that under law may be delegated by the Municipality of Grândola.

The company's activity focuses on the Troia Tourist Development Area (TDA). This area is defined in the Troia Development Plan, ratified by the Resolution of the Council of Ministers 23/2000, with its geographical boundaries generally defined as follows:

a) To the north and the east by the river Sado;

b) To the west by the Atlantic Ocean;

c) To the south (to the west of the road) by the track adjacent to Km 9 of National Road 253-1 and (to the east of the road) by the boundary of the Sado Estuary Nature Reserve.

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